Beechwood Centre, 40 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley, BR2 8GP

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer
Up to GBP80,000 PA

Essentials Skills:
· 10+ years experience in software engineering with hands-on skills in programming in modern Java language on back-end with HTTPS, RESTful API, micro-services and MQ
· 3+ years experience working in the risk and PnL calculation space with grid/cloud based compute
· Good understanding of how risks are calculated with basic knowledge in derivatives
· Strong knowledge and solid experience in designing technical architecture / solutions for major back-end systems with non-functional requirements such as:
1. High-availability
2. High performance
3. High resilience
4. Scalability
· Good experience in working with technical delivery team under modern software engineering methodology with experience in CI/CD and cyber security
· Strong communication skills and proficient in English, with strong capability of presentation, elaboration and influencing
· Strong capability in analytical thinking and problem solving
· A technical expert with curiosity and passion in technology, who keeps his/her knowledge up-to-date with industry standards
· Self-driven and capability of work proactively, collaboratively and efficiently with geographical dispersed teams

What youll do:
· Work with business users, downstream stakeholders and business analysts to recommend viable IT solutions to meet the requirements
· Work with project team to perform end-to-end delivery of the project, with output including requirement analysis, architecture / solution design, coding, testing (manually and automated), releasing and defect fixing with required visibility.
· Produce documentations and conduct elaborations on solutions to ensure maintainability and smooth implementation.
· Support production and react to incidents as part of the global team.
· Take ownership of major components / projects to make sound technical decisions to delivery reasonable and cost-efficient solutions with good maintainability, and support the team members to implement the solution with good quality.
· Create, own, improve and promote standards in development best practice, such as design principles, code review, and testing / releasing process.

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer
London, Sheffield OR Leeds
Permanent OR FTE
6+ years experience

Essential Skills:
· Previous experience as a full stack engineer in an agile, DevSecOps environment
· Knowledge of Vulnerability Scanning /Pen Testing /Red Teaming and associated scanning and consolidation products
· Knowledge of working with application security tools (e.g. SAST, DAST, MAST)
· Front-end languages (e.g. HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C++, and JQuery)
· Back-end languages (e.g. Java, Python, .NET and PHP)
· Scripting Skills (e.g. Python, Perl, and Bash)
· Debugging (e.g. stack traces, log files and other system outputs)
· SQL (e.g. MySQL, DB2, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
· Networking (e.g. TCP/IP, Subnetting, Firewalls, etc)
· System Administration (e.g. configuring /managing servers, Linux /Windows)
· Cloud Engineering (e.g. Alibaba, GCP, AWS, Azure)
· Containers (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
· Knowledge of Governance, Risk & Compliance processes
· Knowledge of Patch Management processes
· Automation and Orchestration driven mindset
· Good verbal and written communication skills
· Ability to work and lead in a fast paced, team focused environment with a proven track record of delivering and completing assigned tasks as an individual and as a team
· Willingness to continuously learn and share learnings with others

Job Description
· Designing, developing, implementing, and supporting integration pieces for the various tools within the Vulnerability Management estate
· Implementing the agreed software system architecture
· Defining and implementing data structures, system designs, and patterns
· Designing and implementing scalable web services, applications, and APIs
· Developing tools and scripts for reporting for operational teams across Cybersecurity
· Identifying bottlenecks and improving software efficiency
· Collaborating with the design team on the development of micro-services
· Troubleshooting and bug fixing
· Ensuring that issues raised in their area are solved and followed to a conclusion
· Writing technical documents to support items that have been developed and delivered by the team.
· Proposing new technologies and techniques to quickly and comprehensively identify vulnerable infrastructure and platforms
· Collaborating with stakeholders at various levels across Cybersecurity and other IT teams.
· Designing and driving the implementation of service offerings, capability uplifts, and process improvements to protect the client from a continuously changing threat landscape
· Acting as a coach and mentor for other team members