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Kafka Streaming Developer

Our client is looking for an experienced Kafka Streaming Developer to join their team in Singapore.

Kafka-> Confluent Certified Administrator for Apache Kafka
Kafka-> Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka
Talend-> Talend Data Integration v6 Certified Developer
Apache Spark-> Cloudera – CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA175)
Apache Spark-> Databricks Certified Developer: Apache Spark 2.X
Apache Spark-> Hortonworks – HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer

Key Skills: Installing and maintaining and development of the Confluent Platform components including: Apache Kafka, Confluent Control Center, Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent Replicator, and Confluent Security Plugins

Primary Skill: Kafka ( Apache / Confluent Kafka)
Secondary Skill: Cloud knowledge like – AWS, Azure , CICD, etc. + Scripting programming in Unix or Python.

· The Confluent Kafka Administrator will be responsible for Design, architecture, implementation, and on-going support of Kafka clusters on an Event Streaming Architecture Pilot project.
· Manage large scale multi-nodes Kafka cluster environments.
· Handle all Kafka environment builds, including design, capacity planning, cluster setup, performance tuning and ongoing monitoring.
· Kafka security authentication, authorization and encryption.
· Perform high-level, day-to-day operational maintenance, support, and upgrades for the Kafka Cluster.
· Strong admin experience and versions used for Confluence/Kafka, details on the projects and environment they supported along with the tools used. Size of the environments, how many nodes/clusters, how many messages processed.
· Experience administering the following Event Driven Architecture Components:
· Apache Kafka
· Kafka Brokers
· Zoo Keeper
· Confluent Control Center
· Confluent Schema Registry
· Connect cluster
· Understanding of Data access, Data Retention and archiving
· Experience working with browse events across federated brokers
· Experience performing Confluent Platform installation, upgrades, and maintenance
· Experience working with Confluent Security Plugins