Bromley Business Centre, 27 Hastings Road, Bromley, Kent BR2 8NA, UK

Oracle Unified / Virtual Directory OUD & OVD

6 months contract

– Which the following experience (to the majority of)
* Complete knowledge on OUD,OUD-Proxy
* Replication Setup and Troubleshooting of OUD/OUD-Proxy/OVD/
* Installation knowledge OUD,OUD-Proxy
* Knowledge on MDC setup of OUD.
* Binary Locations/Logs/RDA/Log Tracing enablement Procedures.
* Disaster Recovery
* Documenting/Applying (CPU/JDK/BP/Patch (one-off) updates).
* Good Knowledge on Kerberos integration
* Active Directory Knowledge as CDS connects to AD (AD here in architecture holds passwords)
* Good Hands On scripting knowledge (WLST/Shell/Kerberos)
* Knowledge on Ciphers/LB/N/W
* Knowledge on password policy, Using CLI (Command Line LDAP commands)
* Oracle Virtual Directory, Key configuration Files.
* OUDSM console knowledge (DIT/Object Class/Modification of attributes etc)
* Creating OUD N/W groups.
* Certificate Renewal, Keystore troubleshooting
* Adhoc Reporting requirement.
* Backup and Restore strategies, Performance Tunning
* Migration OID/OVD to OUD.
* Import and Export using LDIFs.
* Good Knowledge on Weblogic.
– Constraints: any nationality, gender and language