Beechwood Centre, 40 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley, BR2 8GP

Security Analyst

Experience: 6+ years

We are looking for candidate with good understanding of UNIX platforms, applied information security and hands-on experience with Beyond Trust PMUL and AD Bridge products.

Product knowledge:

Beyond Trust

Tech competence :

Applied information security/application security skills
Experience with engineering enterprise WAM and SSO systems
Scripting languages: bash, javascript, html ; Programming languages: Java
Directory technology: ODSEE/OUD, Generic LDAP, Active Directory Services
DB Tech: Oracle DB; OS Tech: RHEL 7.x
Application server technologies: JBoss/WildFly
Token-based Protocols: SAML1.x/2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth2.0, JWT
Auth Schemes: X.509, RADIUS, form-based auth, basic auth