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BA / Data Engineer / Functional Business Object
Location: Aubervilliers, France
Engagement: Contrat or Permanent position
Daily rate budget: €500 per day or €100,000 p/a
Start Date: 01/07/2021
End Date: 31/11/2022
Langue: English & French

Mission Context
The Data Platform Industrialization Program

At the heart of the customer’s digital strategy, the Datalake Group continues to evolve to support the development of Digital Solutions and the customer’s BU Data needs.
An audit of the Datalake Group was carried out in spring 2020 in order to determine the best possible roadmap for the Datalake. This audit identified an action plan that is being implemented.
This action plan led to the constitution of a Program, initiated in August 2020, with 5 related projects:

1 – FUNCTIONAL OBJECTS REVIEW, Analysis of existing business objects, recommendations and implementation of improvements
2 – IMPROVEMENT STRUCTURE (Includes documentation, CI / CD, renaming, standardization)
3 – DATADESK AS A SERVICE DESCRIPTION – Definition and architecture of a Datadesk
4 – DATADESK SUPPORT FUNCTION, Includes the change of governance, the transfer of knowledge and improvement of the architecture
5 – MONITORING & DATAHUB ENHANCEMENT – Includes the design and implementation of monitoring functions, and the design, rewriting and implementation of the datahub

The first Implementation Phase of the Program focused on Projects 2, 4 and 5. This Phase ends in April 2021.

The Functional Object Review project
Among the recommendations of the audit, it was recommended to strengthen the organization of data in the datalake in the form of Business Objects.
These Business Objects are used to:

Read and access data more easily for use
Facilitate maintenance
Overcome the complexities of source applications
Define a common interface language

An effort has been made to formalize business objects. It is now a question of putting them in place at the service of uses
The 2021 goal is to create at least 15 business objects. These 15 business objects should be used in use cases 1. Their implementation will therefore require adaptations to be as close as possible to uses.
One of the challenges of the second implementation phase (April to August 2021) is the implementation of these business objects.
We are looking for an experienced Team Leader to manage the project concerning the implementation of Business Objects.

Mission description
The Business Object Team Leader must:
Led a team (Squad) of 3 to 5 people, both functional and technical (developers)
Interfacing with teams (projects) using business objects, to:

Understand their needs (i.e. use cases)
Explain the expectations and help the project partners to functionally identify the fields that are necessary for them and which correspond to the attributes of the business objects (mapping)
Functionally explain what a business object is and how to use it
Monitor the progress of the work of third parties by ensuring that the objectives are achieved

Be able to work on existing data in the datalake to feed business objects, or, if this data is not present, understand where to find this data and work with third parties responsible for this data (or the applications containing them)
Work in agile
Manage requests for changes to business objects
Managed incidents concerning the Datalake
Interface with the Datalake Industrialization program (the Business Object part being a project of the program)
Encrypt the work, including interface developments
Code or make SQL queries if necessary (Manage the most complex subjects live)
Designed solutions
Plan activities, give dates of engagement, communicate on the progress of the work of his team
Manage priorities and critical incidents
Ensure that the documentation is up to date in a schedule to be defined
Participated in the Datalake Industrialization program which includes several components:

Full Time Duration: 3 Months

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Job CategoryData Engineer / Functional Business Object

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